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What Causes Dryer Vents To Clog in Mercer County, NJ?

The dryer is an appliance found in most Mercer County homes used on a weekly basis. Its core purpose is to absorb heat and moisture out of the clothes. Dryers can be vented long distances or installed with bends. Bends create places where lint is collect and animals can hide. The last thing you would want is a blockage. When enough lint accumulates in your ventilation system, the Dryer vents clogs causing a blockage. 
Those little dust balls contains a host of unhealthy bacteria, fungi and mold. Hence, the indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Placing the dryer far from the external ways creates a longer vent that creates more opportunities to clog. To protect your home form dust hazard, you need to get your hose cleaned by licenses professional like us.
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Possible Dryer Vent Problems

  • Fire and property damage - dryers could ignite fires when overworked. 
  • Obstructions- animals live in vents, pieces of clothes and lint’s causes vent blockage.
  •  Carbon monoxide - clogged dryers lead cabin gas back into the house. 
  • Wear and tear – an inefficient dryer cuts its lifetime by half hence necessitating for repair.
  •  Appliance efficiency - dirty vents waste energy, time and money. 
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What We Offer

There is lot of complexity that goes into cleaning your dryer vent. Some could take 30-an hour to clean while complex vent take 3 hours to get the work done in this complicated task, our technicians scale the ladders and crawl under the decks.
Enjoy the benefits of increased energy savings and get rid of the hidden fire hazard in your home by having our dryer vent cleaner service your dryer’s system. Our cost is quite affordable and will pay dividends in the form of energy efficiency. If your dryer is not getting your clothes completely dry, then the dryer vent needs some cleaning from us. You can install a safety dryer alarm to alert you when there is a blockage.
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