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Dryer Duct Pros is a preferred dryer vent cleaning vendor of many condominium associations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida

You might think that cleaning the dryer vent is a pretty easy task and you can probably imagine how important it is to do the cleaning the way it has to be done. It's definitely not easy to find a reliable company. Yes, the laundry vents get clogged with lint and that is exactly why it might be taking some longer time for a dryer to dry clothes. 
Our service technicians take the most challenging jobs and accomplish with a 5-star rating. You can count on us
What's left is to get in touch, schedule dryer vent cleaning and we'll do the rest!

Service in Condominium Associations

What matter the most is not just a certificate that you had your vent cleaned by some company. Your Property Management requires the service to be done for a reason. Even if you had your duct cleaned but it was not done properly, what is the point of having it done at all? 
Yes, you can always find a cheaper company no matter what we charge but ask yourself... is it really worth it paying a few dollars less and get a lazy job done? We don't think so. What matters most for us is the service quality. 
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Machine Not Working

When a customer in Mount Laurel NJ scheduled dryer vent cleaning appointment, mentioned that it is taking too long for the dryer to dry clothes. 
Our technician was able to remove the finest bird's nest from the vent so the airflow is back to it's normal. 
The homeowners can finally dry their clothes again without waiting the whole day for a single load to be done. Thank you, Team!
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Bird's Songs Coming From The Vent 

A customer in Edison, NJ called for dryer vent cleaning and told our technician that is waking up with birds, singing right on the outside. What we found is that this specific family of birds was pretty good at building a nest inside the vent which was blocking the air flow, preventing from dryer machine working properly. No wonder it was taking such a long time to dry clothes!
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Replaced Dryer Machine, Still Not Working

As you can tell, birds do like to nest inside dryer vents. We have seen one more proof of that and even saw how warm does the bird feel inside that vent! Did you know that a regular flap on the outside does not protect from anything flying inside? To prevent from that happening, our technicians carry bird guards which go on top of the existing flaps. Make sure you have one installed professionally by one of our guys - service performed in East Brunswick, NJ.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
"We've Never Had Our Dryer Vent Cleaned"

Our customer from Philadelphia decided to have their dryer vent cleaned after living in their house for over 10 years with the family of 5 doing a lot of laundry. They did recall that it used to take shorter time to dry clothes but now have to put it 2 or even 3 times for the clothes to dry. We figured there will be a lot of lint but not this much. Our technician was able to brush all the lint from the walls of the vent. Well done!
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