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  • Lint alert - this is a product designed to let you know when there is a block in airflow in your dryer venting system. The airflow is measured when the vent has been cleaned and the device is installed and arranged to scale. Flashing lights will tell how serious the blockage of airflow is and will also advise you when you should have a professional clean out your dryer vents. 
  •  Hose replacement and installation - If your dryer vent system has a plastic transition hose we will replace it with a solid transition duct, which is a better replacement. It has been proven, that plastic hoses are fire hazard. 
  • Bird guard installation and replacement – we will install or replace new bird guards to keep the birds from building nests in your vents and blocking the airflow. They will also cover the exterior exit to block animals from getting inside the vent and at the same time allow lint and air to exit. 
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For the proper cleaning, a 4'' brush will always have to be used. We pull out the dryer, disconnect the hose and clean it. The brush fits snuggly inside the vent and spins inside loosening all the lint that has accumulated. As the lint is being loosened, the vacuum sucks it up leaving your dryer vent clean. The brush attaches to the rods so can run the entire length of the vent to clean your dryer vent thoroughly. 

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By Admin 16 Jan, 2018

Whether you are purchasing a new home or simply doing maintenance tasks around your current home, making sure that you do a thorough inspection of dryer venting is important. While you should always contract professionally licensed dryer vent experts to work on, clean, and properly inspect dryer vents, there are some things you can look for that can alert you to serious issues.

Below are three important things to inspect when it comes to your home’s dryer venting.

1.     Look carefully at the termination port of the dryer, as well as the roof cap and wall. You should be on alert for things that can potentially cause clogs in the opening, such as built-up debris, leaves, and bird nests. As you do this, you can check that the vent is functioning properly by checking the air’s velocity as it exits. If you don’t feel air, or if it feels very weak, it could mean you have a clog that needs to be cleaned out by a professional.

2.     Look for signs that your vent system has been lengthened. Professionals recommend that dryer vent ducts should be straight and short, at least as much as is practically possible. If you’ve extended your dryer vent system or if the previous owners of your home has, it could not only make drying your clothes take longer, but it could impact how well it works and how frequently it gets clogged.

3.     Metal tape should be used to hold joints in place. While duct tape is a handy fix-it tool around the home, it should not be used on dryer vent duct joints. In this case, metal tape should be used. If you see other hardware holding joints together, like screws, you should contact a professional to help you remove them and get them back together properly.

By Admin 16 Jan, 2018

For most people, the thought of something happening to their home, especially severe damage or a fire, is devastating. And while the majority of homeowners take precautions, such as installing and checking smoke alarms, there is one part of home maintenance that gets overlooked regularly: the dryer vent.

Your dryer vent needs to function properly in order to keep your home (and family) safe.

Haven’t thought about your dryer vent in a while? Chances are, it needs your attention.

Here are five warning signs to look for that can indicate that your dryer vent needs to be professionally cleaned or repaired.

1.     Your dryer doesn’t seem to be working properly. If your clothes or laundry are taking longer than usual to dry, there’s a good chance that it’s because your dryer vent needs to be cleaned.

2.     Your laundry room has a burning smell when you run your dryer. That too-hot, almost burning smell is a tell-tale sign of a dryer vent needing maintenance. Don’t ignore it! Call a dryer vent professional today to have it taken care of before it’s too late.

3.     Your dryer seems to be overheating. If your dryer gets really hot when it’s working, or if you notice that your clothes are hotter than usual when you take them out, you need to schedule an appointment with a dryer vent specialist to ensure your home’s vent is working properly.

4.     The flap to your vent looks funny. If the exterior hood flap for your vent won’t close right, it’s most likely happening because of a buildup of lint and debris. A professional dryer vent cleaning can take care of this potential risk.

5.     You have forgotten to maintain your dryer vent. Even if the other four signs aren’t showing up in your home, if you haven’t maintained your dryer vent in over a year, it’s time. The longer you wait, the more costly maintenance and repairs can get and the more likely that the other warning signs will happen soon.

Dryer vent maintenance is best done by a professional. Call your local dryer vent specialists today and schedule a cleaning. And, if you’re noticing any of the warning signs above, don’t wait!

By Admin 11 Dec, 2017

It can be tempting to pick up the phone and call a friend or a relative when something needs to be fixed in your home. And while there are definitely some issues that can be solved in an afternoon along with the help of some YouTube videos, cleaning and maintaining your dryer vent isn’t one of them.

While it can sound easy (and some videos try to make it look easy), the reality is that it is more complex.

If not done properly cleaning out your dryer vent, for example, can actually cause more damage to your vent, which can lead to expenses down the road. This damage can even become a hazard for your home and family if left unfixed. What started out being a simple DIY home project can quickly turn into a real headache, or worse.

You might think the answer is to call a local handyman, someone you trust with other chores and maintenance around your home.

However, this again can be a mistake.

Dryer vents come in all shapes and sizes and each one has a unique issue when you approach it for repair. Someone who only occasionally works on these types of vents can fumble while cleaning or repairing, which again can result in damage or potential hazards.

This is why it’s always best to call an expert when you need any work, big or small, done to your home’s dryer vents. Only an expert who deals with dryer vents every single day can ensure that your home’s vents are taken care of properly so that you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands.

By Admin 02 Oct, 2017

For most people, the sound of the fire alarm is nothing more than an annoying beep signaling that it is time to replace the batteries. Unfortunately, the real sound of the alarm is a reality for some homeowners, the nightmare of their house catching on fire coming true.

As a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to ensure that you are keeping your family and your property safe, which is why looking at your dryer vent today is a must.

While often overlooked, your dryer vent can be a potentially dangerous fire hazard. Thankfully, it’s typically an easy problem to fix, so long as you don’t wait too long. 

First and foremost, you must be sure that your dryer vent has been installed properly. The ducting used must be at least 4” in diameter and should be aluminum, never plastic or vinyl. And that is just the beginning. If you have purchased a home recently, this should be part of the inspection, but it’s always a good idea to have a specialist come out to ensure installation has been done safely and correctly.

Next, you need to be sure that your dryer vent is cleaned regularly, as clogs and build-up can also pose a potential fire hazard. Experts recommend that your dryer vent be cleaned and inspected every year - six months if possible.

While you may be tempted to clean your vents yourself, it is a specialized profession, and one that can result in major damage and injury if done improperly.

The best way to make sure your dryer vent is not posing a threat to your home and family is to get it inspected regularly by a licensed and experienced professional.
By Admin 25 Sep, 2017

Weekends are meant for tackling projects around the home. Some are fun, others are musts, and then there’s the category of things that need to get taken care of but that fly under the radar.

Cleaning your dryer vent is one of those.

Because it’s not something you see every day, it’s easy to put it off - or forget about it completely. But, doing so, can be dangerous. Not only can it damage your dryer and impact its effectiveness, but it can also be a potential fire hazard in your home.

If you haven’t cleaned your dryer vent in a while, here are a few signs you should look for to know if it’s time.

It Takes Forever For Your Clothes To Dry. If you’re noticing that it’s taking more and more time for your clothes to dry, there’s a good chance that your dryer vent is in need of a proper cleaning.

Things Are Getting Hotter. When you go to remove your clothes from your dryer, are they really hot? Is the dryer itself really hot to the touch? These are both sure signs that your dryer vent is in need of a good clean. 

Something Smells Funny. When your dryer vent hasn’t been tended to, it can start to make a burnt smell when your dryer is running. This smell is something that should not be ignored as it’s another sign that your dryer vent isn’t working properly and things are overheating.

Getting your dryer vent cleaned properly is an important piece of home maintenance and one that is hazardous to your home and your family if neglected. Don’t take any chances! If you know you haven’t had your vent cleaned in some time or if you’re noticing any of the signs above, arrange to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned.

By Admin 20 Sep, 2017

Tom Patterson first noticed the thick black smoke when he pulled into his neighborhood in Doylestown in eastern Pennsylvania. The closer he got the more he felt his heart sink. As he turned the last corner towards home, his path was blocked by fire trucks, two police cars, and an ambulance. Yellow tape blocked the street, and a traffic control officer waved him to the side. 

Getting out, Tom realized the smoke was coming from his house. Bushes and houses blocked his view, but he could tell from the smoke it was not going to be good.

An hour later when Tom was allowed through the roadblock, he found it wasn’t his home that burned. It was a neighbor’s home, and now the friend, his wife and their three children were standing in the driveway.

“I don’t know how it started,” said his friend. “The Fire Marshall said the fire began in the washroom.”

By Admin 25 Jan, 2017
The newly developed booster fan was designed for your dryer vent problems that have caused many hazardous fires. Most people are unaware of the potential danger dryer vent ducts can cause on your home and the environment. Most residential dryer vents installations are too short or too long which reduces the airflow and in turn causes a blockage and could damage your dryer vent. Usually, another problem that happens quite often is that these ducts tend to get crushed or bent because they are crushed too far back against the wall. The result is longer dryer cycles high energy use and costs and higher wear and tear on the dryer itself.
By Admin 25 Jan, 2017

It is always good to develop a routinely checkup for your dryer vent. Most people are unaware of dangerous hazards that a dryer vent can cause to your family and your home. There are visible signs unless you opt to ignore them, when your dryer duct needs cleaning….

Generally, the first sign that your dryer vent needs cleaning is when after the cycle has finished, your clothes feel humid and damp, which will require you to let them run another cycle. Most of the time it has nothing to do with needing to purchase a new dryer. Your dryer is telling you that it’s time to clean out the vent ducts. Also, by cleaning them you will be saving on your electric bill, because if you haven’t noticed by now, your bill has increased due to having to run double dryer cycles because your clothes are not drying properly.

By Admin 25 Jan, 2017
Who doesn’t like the convenience a dryer provides for us, but did you know it’s the second highest electric exhaustion appliance in your home? There are many people that have the wrong information about dryer vents and their exhaust. But one thing is for sure dryer vents need to be cleaned out at least once a year. They can cause a fire if they are not cleaned due to blockage of airflow caused by accumulated lint.  If you have information about dryer’s vents, talk to your neighbors and community about the safety of dryer vents and how important it is to prevent a fire hazard.
By Admin 25 Jan, 2017
In 1998, it was estimated by The US consumer product safety commission that clothes dryers caused over 15,000 fires. The most common reason of fires is the lack of upkeep, poor quality installation and the misuse of duct materials. The dryer’s lint filter only picks up a portion of the lint that is produced in the drying process, even though some can perform better than others. After some time, the lint piles up and increases throughout the dryer and the duct system decreasing airflow which in turn causes the dryer to function at elevated temperatures thereby developing the unforeseeable of something malfunctioning and causing a fire. These fires in dryers generally begin under or in the interior of the machine. The draft from the dryer forces the fire into the exhaust duct and usually causes a house fire. The likelihood of the fire spreading increases with the use of plastic or foil ducts with plastic being more unpredictable.
By Admin 25 Jan, 2017

One of the simplest ways of keeping your dryer running efficiently is to clean out the lint trap, screen or vent.

After some time lint will begin to build up in these areas and will restrict air from flowing through which will cause your dryer to decrease in efficiency. Your clothes will take longer to dry and in turn use up more energy in the process.
By Admin 14 Jan, 2017

Reports that were conducted just recently show that the average cost for dryer vent cleaning and inspection was approximately $130, the lowest cost was $80, and the highest cost was close to $250.

Did you know that cleaning your dryer vents can help airflow and increase energy efficiency? According to protection agencies duct and dryer vent cleaning improves air quality and maximize energy productivity. Even though the cost to have your dryer vents cleaned might seem a bit pricey, the benefits are well worth it.

By Admin 14 Jan, 2017

Not taking proper care of your dryer vent can cause several problems and hazards to your home and can even affect your health. Some of these issues include longer dryer cycle taking longer than usual or clothes being damaged due to higher temperature of the dryer. It can also increase your utility bill since the dryer is one of the most energy sweeping appliances in your home.

Another sign of poor dryer upkeep is when your dryer cycles are not accurate and result in cycles leaving your clothes damp or overly dry. One of the most important reasons to keep your dryer vent clean is there serous fire hazard it can represent when it’s not properly maintained. Poor dryer upkeep statistics have proven is one of the leading causes of fires.

By Admin 14 Jan, 2017

  • Seal any possible entryway
  • Place screens over chimney vents
  • Store food properly
  • Get rid of waste appropriately
  • Keep your house clean and tidy


On cold days, such as these, there is nothing that will make you feel better than putting on your favorite sweater or grabbing your cozy warm blanket fresh out of the dryer while it’s still nice and warm. Unfortunately, rodents and pests enjoy the warmth that your dryer brings just as you do. For these critters, a dryer vent is the perfect place to wait out the cold weather and keep warm.

All homes that have a dryer vent inside have a vent on the outside to release the heat. If the outside vent is worn out, damaged or is collapsing, pests and critters can easily get inside. Once they have entered, they will chew their way into the tubbing that connects to the dryer and soon they will be inside your home.
By Admin 14 Jan, 2017
Did you know that getting your dryer vent cleaned by professional will cut down on electric bills and prevent a fire hazard? Just cleaning the dryer’s lint trap will just not do. Each year clogged dryer vents are causing thousands of household fires and costing homeowner insurers millions in property damage and 30% of those fires are due to the lack of maintenance. Liter and debris can develop in your dryer hose and duct vent that will cause a blockage for air flow and backup the exhaust gases that will lead to a fire. Also, if you have a gas dryer vent, lurking carbon monoxide intrusion can occur. For example, if an exhaust duct in a gas dryer vent is blocked by lint or debris and is causing a blockage in air flow, deadly carbon monoxide can be forced into your home.
By Admin 23 Dec, 2016
You can’t clean out your dryer vent if you don’t have access to it, and you may be surprised at how difficult these ducts can be to access. Before you begin, check and make sure you have access to the entire vent, as you will need to clean the entire duct all the way to where it leads outside
By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

In other words, regardless of the size of your home, and no matter what type of dryer vents you ultimately have, we can help. When you have your dryer vents assessed, cleaned, and possibly repaired by experts, the end results will be nothing short of spectacular. That may sound strange for something like   dryer vent cleaning, but it’s true.

Taking care of your dryer vents is something that benefits you on a number of levels. It puts off the possibility of having to replace a dryer. It helps you to save on your monthly energy costs, as well. Finally, cleaning your dryer vents on a semi-regular basis can even serve to protect your home, your family, and your life.

In other words, cleaning your dryer vents is important. We can help to show you why this is the case.

3 Questions About Dryer Vent Cleaning

As mentioned before, when it comes to dryer vent cleaning, we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen dryer vents that have become completely overwhelmed by lint, debris, and other undesirables. Believe us, when it comes to a clogged up dryer vent, you won’t believe what lint can be capable of, if the vents are not properly serviced. We have seen conditions that were so intensely within the realm of being a fire hazard, we were quite frankly amazed that a fire had not yet occurred.   Dryer vent cleaning   is important. This is not something we want you to have to deal with.

As dryer vent experts, here are the three most common questions that come our way:

  • What exactly is my dryer vent responsible for? Even if you can’t see the vents, you can be certain that they are doing a lot for your home. Dryer vents are responsible for expelling the heat and moisture put forth by your dryer.
  • Why do I need to have my dryer vent cleaned? We already covered these reasons in the paragraph above. Failure to take   dryer vent cleaning   seriously can result in rising energy costs, unnecessary on your dryer, and even the risk of fire.
  • How often do I need to have my dryer vents cleaned? This can vary from one home to the next. However, we believe a good rule of thumb is to have your dryer vents cleaned once a year. Our professionals can advise you as to whether or not more cleanings are warranted in a given year.

By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

Dryer vent cleaning   is thus not just desirable but imperative. When or how often you should indulge in cleaning dryer vent is obviously up to you and it shall also depend on the frequency of your use. There are people who don’t use their dryers often but millions of homes make use of dryers with religious regularity. In such cases, it is necessary to conduct annual dryer vent cleaning and it is also necessary to conduct a holistic inspection   every six months. For heavy users, it is necessary to hire a dryer cleaner every three months for an inspection. Heavy use will clog the vents faster and the older a dryer or the vents, the greater are the risks. Another approach is to have an annual maintenance contract with a dryer cleaner. That will also be financially wise.

Beyond the annual dryer vent cleaning and the half yearly or seasonal inspection, you must be proactive and preempt any scenario when your dryer vents may have to be cleaned. It is absolutely possible that the   vents are getting clogged sooner than you expect. You can predict the timeline of natural debris or lint buildup. You cannot predict or fathom a pest problem, unless there is some very obvious symptom. The vents may become a haven for pests and they may get clogged without you recognizing the issue. The dryers will make audible noises and there will be certain subtle signs but if you miss them then there is no way you can predict the problem unless you pay a dryer cleaner to conduct a holistic inspection.

A thorough inspection followed up with adequate cleaning of dryer vent would be quintessential. Another indicator of when to clean dryer vents are your utility bills. If you find your energy bill skyrocketing or an increased consumption of water, a sudden change in the ambience in your home despite the thermostat working fine and as programmed, then you can suspect that the dryer vents are not working properly. Whether it is a washing machine or a standalone dryer, the appliances will consume more energy and waste a tad more water when it is unable to flush out the exhaust air. That is why you would get to observe the impact on your utility bills.

Be proactive with   dryer vent cleaning   instead of being sorry.

By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

This is one of the most common questions we come across. Some of our clients understand the potential fire hazard behind dryer vents that are not properly cleaned. For this reason, in addition to others, they call on our licensed, certified, and insured professionals. They rely on our experienced professionals to bring the best cleaning tools in the industry to the task at hand. Finally, they rely on our dryer vent cleaning equipment to restore the dryer vents to optimal functionality.

However, we also know that a great many homeowners are unfortunately unaware of just how important   dryer vent cleaning   really is. This is particularly important to keep in mind, in terms of whether or not unclean dryer vents present a substantial fire hazard. The short answer is that they do.

How Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevents Fires

How many house fires do you think occur in a given year? It’s a pretty big number. However, for the sake of being specific, let’s focus on one particular type of house fire.

To put it another way, how many dryer fires do you think occur on an annual basis? The answer is going to surprise you.

The truth of the matter is that a staggering 15, 600 dryer fires occur each year. This amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of 75.4 million dollars in property damage. Are you beginning to appreciate why   dryer vent cleaning   is so intensely important?

It gets worse. In terms of injuries/deaths, the numbers are perhaps not as huge as you might think. Even so, they amount to tragic statistics that should be taken seriously. When it comes to dryer fires, we’re talking about something that injuries nearly 400 people each year. We’re also talking about something that kills around twenty people each year.

When it comes to dryer fires, clogged vents are frequently the main culprit. As you are going to learn, dryer vents that are clogged with dirt and debris is something that can very easily be prevented. This is where the subject of   dryer vent cleaning   becomes something that is worth taking seriously. Your dryer vents are responsible for expelling both heat and moisture, as your dryer works to dry your clothes. When the vents are overrun with lint and debris, they are not going to work properly. This can cause your energy bills to climb, amongst other headaches and catastrophes.

For this reason, cleaning is a must.

By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

Also, every appliance or fixture is at risk of malfunctioning and there are associated hazards. You should not only be aware of these risks or hazards but you must take initiatives to avert them so you can be safe, the appliance or fixture can have a prolonged life and you can also save your hard earned money which would be inevitably spent should something go wrong.

Dryer vents cater to a quintessential function. It allows hot or warm and moist air to dissipate out of an appliance or even a home without impairing the machine and confining the exhausted air in the house. Should these   dryer vents get clogged, there are numerous risks.

The biggest danger   of a clogged dryer vent is fire. When you have not indulged in dryer vent cleaning for months and they have got clogged, the appliance will try to work harder to gush out the exhaust air. In the process it would use more energy, put more load on itself and the entire scenario will be ideal for a fire. There was a report published back in 2010/11 by the National Fire Protection Association. The report stated that one in every twenty two fires in homes; the dryer vents were to be blamed. Over a period of five years, from 2006 to 2010, clothes dryers with clogged vents lead to 92% of such fires, normal dryers facilitated about 4% and washing machines were the cause in 4% of cases.

Cleaning dryer vent   is the only option to avert these dangers. But just having a dryer cleaner or trying dryer vent cleaning once in a blue moon will not be of any help. There has to be a strategy. Over time, dryer vents get clogged and they become havens for lint, debris of myriad kinds and other unpleasant organisms. These can also indirectly facilitate a fire.   Clogged dryer vents   can also cause electrical failures that may not lead to a fire, but they can impact different appliances.

For an appliance to work well or as it should, for a home to be well ventilated and not being subjected to exhausted warm and moist air, for vents to be free of pests, lint and other debris, you should invest in dryer vent cleaning at the right time. Have a schedule and be proactive.

By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

However, while it doesn’t really have to be, dryer cleaning  is still something that needs to be taken seriously. There are a number of reasons as to why this is the case.

Ultimately, when it comes to  cleaning dryer vent questions, there are a few things that you are going to want to keep in mind.

Top Dryer Vent Cleaning Questions

Dryer vent cleaning  doesn’t need to be stressful. For the most part, the tasks involved in cleaning dryer vent strategies are fairly straightforward. Nonetheless, in terms of effective dryer cleaning tips, there are several things you can do:

  • Is cleaning the dryer vent really all that important? Absolutely. Annual cleaning can reduce the amount of time it takes for a load to dry. Blocked vents can cause dryers to take as much as three, four times longer than cleaned dryers. This means you’re wasting energy, money, and more.
  • Is it possible to clean a dryer vent on my own? This depends on a couple of factors. If the vent is right outside, and it is fairly short, you can potentially clean it on your own with a good shop vac, and a good dryer vent cleaning  However, it is important to note that these days, it’s far more common to find longer dryer vents in homes. This means that when it comes to cleaning dryer vent  projects, it’s best to trust professionals with the best equipment in the industry.
  • How often does the vent need to be cleaned out? With dryer cleaning, you’re going to want to weigh a number of different factors. A good rule of thumb is to have the dryer cleaned once a year, but things like the dryer’s age, the number of people using it, and the length of the vents can influence how often you need to have things cleaned.
  • How long is a cleaning going to take? Generally speaking, a cleaning can be taken care of in about an hour.
  • What can I do to help with the  dryer vent cleaning project? Have everything that is in or around your washer/dryer removed. You’re definitely going to want to make sure all clothing has been taken away.

When it comes to hiring professionals, make sure you’re working with the very best. This means trusting professionals who can work quickly and efficiently. It certainly means finding professionals with the best industry equipment available.

By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

To put it another way, if you are a homeowner, and you can’t remember the last time you took advantage of   dryer vent cleaning   from the professionals, then the time has definitely come to do something about that. Dryer fires remain a considerable threat to homeowners of all shapes and sizes. It can essentially impact any home that utilizes a dryer.

When it comes to dryer fires, you are also talking about something that is actually quite preventable. Through professional   dryer vent cleaning, you can do your part to ensure you avoid this legitimate fire hazard altogether.

The Facts About Dryer Fires

Quick: How many dryer fires occur each year? If you can’t answer the question, don’t worry about it. This isn’t exactly the kind of trivia we’re going to Google for no reason at all. When it comes to something like dryer fires, we tend to not think about the possibility at all. That is, until it actually happens to us.

And if it does happen to you, keep in mind (as little comfort as that will provide) that you’re not alone. There are approximately fifteen thousand dryer fires each year. Furthermore, these fires amount to approximately seventy-four million dollars in property damage. Even worse, dryer fires are linked to hundreds of injuries each year, in addition to several deaths. All of this is deeply unfortunate. However, when you realize that much of this can be prevented through comprehensive   dryer vent cleaning   from the pros, it becomes even more alarming.

We’re not trying to scare you. At the end of the day, you’re in control of how you care for your home. However, if you notice a burning smell, in your laundry room/basement, it could be due to an extreme buildup of lint in your vents. This could mean you may find yourself dealing with a costly, destructive dryer fire before long. At the same time, you also want to watch out for clothes that are extremely hot to touch, a dryer that takes far too long to dry, and a dryer with an extremely hot exterior. Within all of these possibilities, there is a very good chance that your dryer vents are in desperate need of cleaning.

We can help. When it comes to   dryer vent cleaning, the rule of thumb is to have the vents cleaned as quickly as possible. If it has been over a year since the last time, call us today.

By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

Besides the lawn, daily chores and everyday handyman tasks, appliances require their own individual attention as well. One important component of home upkeep is keeping your dryer vents clean and clear. This might sound like a small detail, but neglected not clean dryer vents pose many risks and hazards that can wind up causing more damage than you ever imagined. Many home and condominium communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania require home owners to schedule regular vent cleaning every year or two to prevent these potentially serious dangers.

Dryers reach very high temperatures to dry clothing rapidly, and this can cause fires when vents are clogged with lint and debris.   The National Fire Protection Association   states that in 2010 alone, there were over 16,000 fires related to dryer machines. With 51 deaths, 351 injuries and over $236 million in property damage, these startling rates stress the importance of proper vent cleaning. While the figures are certainly disconcerting, these unfortunate incidents are preventable. Fire prevention is a key safety measure for every homeowner to take into consideration. The certified professionals at Dryer Duct Pros value your family’s safety and provide the expertise you need to rest assured that your dryer vents maintained in accordance with the   New Jersey   Home Owners Association regulations.

Dryer vent cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. While the lint trap inside your clothes dryer catches debris, it doesn’t capture all of it. As the damp air leaves the dryer through the ventilation hose, debris, lint and other particles travel right along with it. Over time, this lint builds up on the insides of the vent. Then, the air flow decreases because of the blockage, and this is where all the trouble starts.

Aside from being a dangerous fire hazard, backed up dryer vents can cause all sorts of other troublesome issues the meticulous homeowner would certainly prefer to avoid. Energy bills are already high enough nowadays, and you may wonder why it seems like your bill is higher than ever before. The culprit might be your dryer—or just it’s backed up vent. When the vent is clogged, you end up using a lot more energy than necessary, wasting resources and racking up your energy costs. While the lint trap inside the dryer will catch a lot of debris itself, some still goes up into the vent. Depending on the structure of your home, the exterior area of the duct might attract animals and birds trying to nest in your ducts. This creates a breeding ground for mold, germs and bacteria. And improper ventilation for gas dryers puts your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, a very serious health risk.

By Admin 23 Dec, 2016

It is imperative to have   clean dryer vent   for any household not only to improve the efficiency of the dryer, but most importantly, it makes your house safe and avoid any dangers related to it.

Lint building up in the dryer vent or vent getting clogged happens slowly and gradually. That is why you will not be able to realize it easily. If you feel that just cleaning the filter and make it free from lint is enough, then you are not doing the required task.

The dryer is always exposed to the lint from the clothes, molds, debris, etc. which can make the   dryer vent clogged.   Due to this the load on the dryer gets increased and so do the energy consumption. Your clothes also take longer time than usual to get dry. Not only your energy bills get increased, but the lint particles begin to spread through the air in your home. It can also release carbon monoxide, which is extremely harmful for health.

Dryer vent fire   is yet another danger related to   dryer vent clog   since dryer heat up to a high temperature if they are clogged or unclean since the walls of the dryer gets humid and the heat gets trapped there.

Other signs that the dryer vent is getting clogged:

  • Drying of clothes takes much longer than usual.
  • The dryer would be hot to touch from outside
  • Your laundry also might smell different than normal and feels hotter than usual.
  • The filter on the dryer contains less lint.
  • Your clothes are little damp and not completely dry
  • You might notice the burnt smell in the laundry room.
  • Also, your laundry room might feel humid

Even if you do not find these signs, you must inspect the dryer vent on a timely basis and get it cleaned since you might be exposed to the risk of fire.

Therefore, to avoid any accident or any health issue at your home   dryer vent cleaning   is very important. You must inspect your dryer vent every 6 months and get it clean as and when required. Even if you find it challenging to take out time for getting it clean, you must not make any delay since taking out time for this is worth it as it ensures your safety.

Some of the advantages of dryer vent cleaning are:

  • It saves money since if the vent is clogged it will take more time to make the clothes dry and will increase the energy consumption.
  • It also saves time as a clean dryer vent will do the required task quickly.
  • Last but not the least, it prevents fire and make the drying process safe.

Once you have decided to get the dryer vent clean, you must make sure to hire professional and reliable cleaning services.

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DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning On The First Floor:

  1. Determine location of the vent on the outside. Your dryer duct would usually be vented on a ground level if the machine is on the first floor. Try turning your electric or gas dryer on and look around the house for a cap on a wall. There might be a few of them because some caps are for your kitchen or bathroom exhaust.
  2. Check vent air flow. There should be air coming out from that vent on the outside. Remember you have your dryer machine on? When there is no air coming out, it might be two reasons: that is not a dryer vent or your dryer duct is clogged.
  3. Get your cleaning tools and kits. We are assuming that before starting your dryer vent cleaning project, you have purchased all the dryer vent cleaning tools and kits that you might need to perform the job. As you might have seen, there are different dryer vent cleaning kits on the market. Make sure your dryer vent is not longer, than the kit can reach. You will also need some foil tape, a screw driver and possibly 4 inch connectors just in case your dryer vent installed not properly.
  4. Actual cleaning dryer vent. To clean dryer vent you still need your dryer machine turned on for it to be blowing all the lint outside. The easiest way of cleaning dryer vents is to use a brush and push it inside a metal 4 inch sized duct. It will be much harder to perform with a long flexible dryer duct. Push the dryer vent brush from the outside and pull it out every 2-4 feet. If not done so, instead of cleaning dryer, you will be clogging it and cause even more bad than good. After you have gone all the way through and reached the end, you should always check the flexible dryer duct for any lint or clogs. Disconnect it from the dryer and brush it as well. Connect the vent back to the gas or electric dryer machine.
  5. Lint cleanup and final tests. After you got rid of all the clothes dryer vent or duct lint, it’s all right where the vent goes out. Use a vacuum cleaner  to pick up all the lint or wear gloves and put all the lint inside a bag. When you have it all nice and clean, make sure your dryer vent is all clean and clear. Check air flow again and look inside the duct with a flashlight.

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Facts about home clothes dryer fires
  • 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss.
  • The leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them (34 percent).
  • More home clothes dryer fires occur in the fall and winter months, peaking in January.

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